Josh BlakeCounty Commissioner Josh Blake voted to bring The Statue to Lake County by noting that the County cannot legally censor the museum.  In spite of his call for no censorship, the County Commission is providing significant guidance about what the exhibit can and cannot contain.

His “Yes” vote was also surprising because he is generally anti-government involvement in such matters.  He supports the use of government facilities and the government paying for staff and utilities of a quasi-public apparently failing (see audit reports HERE and HERE) organization.  Read more about Mr. Blake’s brief resume here.  You may also wish to send him a note here.

Wendy BreedenCounty Commissioner Wendy Breeden voted against bringing the statue to Lake County.  In doing so she stood with those who believe the statue brings no value to the county and in fact is divisive.  As a past head of Lake County’s Public Resources Department  she knows a thing or two about buildings.

One of her concerns may have been how is this monster of a statue to be brought into this historically registered building?  Answer, according to the last engineering study we read, through a window.  You should read this interesting internal email exchange which the commissioners may have not seen.  Question, given the age of the building will asbestos be present?  Will there be a remediation or encapsulation issue? Will this action create lead based paint dust?  Learn more about Commissioner Breeden and how to contact her here. You may wish to send a thank you for doing the right thing.

Sean ParksCounty Commissioner Sean Parks joined Commissioner Breeden in opposing the statue coming to Lake County.  He did so, he said on procedural grounds then wrote this.  Perhaps his having been an Eagle Scout influenced him in doing what was right.  Check out Bob’s Basement to learn of the many procedural violations and possible misrepresentations made to the State of Florida.
Mr. Parks’ additional information can be found here.
You may wish to send a thank you for doing the right thing note.
It’s Not About Erasing History