Bob Grenier with friend (note the purse)

Bob Grenier is the curator and Past President of the Lake County Historical Society which operates Lake County Historical Museum (not the virtual one, the one in the old Sheriff’s Office).

Grenier is the driving force behind bringing the Kirby-Smith statue to Lake County.  Evidence seems to show he misled the State and the County on several aspects of the procedure involved.

You can judge for yourself after you review the material on our website and view the proceedings where Bob may have mislead the General Edmund Kirby Smith Statue Location Selection Committee on 6/28/18 here. Pay particular attention to Bob’s comments at 14:25 where he indicates all 5 County Commissioners were polled by him and all support the movement of the Statue to the museum.  If this statement is true, it is likely a violation of the Florida Sunshine Laws and was a misleading statement to the 6/28/18 General Edmund Kirby Smith Statue Location Selection Committee.  If this was not misleading but actually factual, then it was a violation of the Sunshine Laws.  (It should also be noted that the final vote on the statue by the Lake County Board of Commissioners was not unanimous as Bob indicated it would be.)

So many questions arise.  One of which is if The Historical Society did have the necessary funds, why was this email sent a year later appealing for funds.  You can see the names of the recipients of the plea.  If you know any of them, ask them their position on the matter.

Peaceful silent protesters were illegally ejected from public building before a meeting even occurred.

The museum is located in a county owned building which has served as the Sheriff’s office and was the scene of numerous extra-judicial activity during the Jim Crow era.  Most of this took place under notorious Sheriff Willis McCall.

We suggest you read Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America by Gilbert King.

Grenier prides himself on his desk which was for years used by Willis McCall.  More information here.