Public Records Requests insure transparency an essential element for democracy. It’s how citizens keep track of their government’s actions. Over the pas 18 months, Lake County Voices of Reason members initiated over 30 public records requests (PRRs) to the Florida Office of the Senate General Counsel, the Florida Department of State and the Lake County Government.  The PRR results have been powerful proof that the process for obtaining the confederate statue was flawed from the outset and continues to be one without diversity, community or socio-economic merit.

Virtually every email (approx. 2,000), letter, calendar item – even text message has been valuable in the fight against relocating the statue to Lake County.  Many support our contention that the Lake County Board of Commissioners and the State Ad Hoc Selection Committee were misled resulting in an improper decision.

Ad Hoc Selection Committee Scoring Rubric

Ad Hoc Selection Committee Scores Say No to Jim Crow

Ad Hoc Selection Committee Presentation & Proposal Review

Grenier (Lie?) Email to Director of Cultural Affairs (Tallahassee)

County Attorney Confirms Above Lie? by Grenier to Director of Cultural Affairs

SB 472 Committee on Appropriations Version (NB: Footnote 20)

PRR Response – Contradicts Gov DeSantis on Department of State Long-Term Loan Agreement

Grenier Officially Begins Fund Raising Nearly One Year AFTER Telling the Committee He Had the Funds in Place to Move the Statue

Courthouse Engineering Study Conducted AFTER Grenier Told The State There Was NO Problem With The Site

Three Contractors Declination to Do the Work At The Historical Building

County Continues to Expend Funds to Determine Feasibility of Placing Statue In Historic Building

County Commissioner Campione Tells Curator Grenier How to Explain Things In A Museum Exhibit

Eight Mayors Oppose Statue in Letter to Governor DeSantis

Courthouse National Registry Application

Public Records Requests